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Everybody has a dream, but not everbody has a GRIND.

-Eric Thomas

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Reflection Statement

Reflection Statement


My Experience:

The experience I had in this class was a wild one. From the onset, I tried to push myself to try new techniques and tackle things that I hadn’t tinkered with in the past, and I feel I accomplished that. In taking this approach to this class, I feel I expanded my skill set and discovered some fantastic tools and resources to help make my work stand out from the crowd going forward.

My Struggles:

Because I was going for outside-the-box thinking throughout, I faced a number of challenges throughout this course. From working with trends, to clip-paths, to virtual reality, to a new language library in React, I often had to spend a lot more time than I would have hoped on some of these projects. In the end, however, I wouldn’t change my strategy. Yes, it took me longer to complete some of the assignments, but nothing changes if nothing changes. By that, I mean that if you don’t do something differently than what you’ve done in the past, you can’t progress in your field.

What I Would do Differently:

Given more time, I think I would just flesh my final project out further. Maybe combine some of the pages and documentation together for the projects that I didn’t do that for. I would also explore different ways to build the project the same way that I have, just to learn another way to do it.

Reflection Continued


How I’ll Expand My Learning:

Moving forward, I’ll expand my learning in a couple of different ways. First, I need to broaden my horizons with programming languages. I’m very comfortable with HTML and CSS, but I feel I fall short with PHP and JavaScript: I know I could do better with those two in particular. Now that I have all these resources at my disposal, I plan on diving in to some of them to round out my coding skills better. In addition, I’ll continue to practice the things that I know well to improve my efficiency. Being really good at a few different things can drastically improve workflow and project timelines, so I’ll continue to strive for that. Lastly, I’m going to look more into things that I refer to as “special sauce” for my web projects. SVGs, clip-paths, animations, and all those kinds of things make your web pages stand out, and that’s what I intend to do.

Topics I’ll Look Into:

As I’ve noted above, I’m going to look further into programming languages, specifically JavaScript and PHP. Within those languages, I want to explore libraries of them such as Laravel (PHP), jQuery (JavaScript), and React (JavaScript). On top of that, I plan on diving deeper into the world of virtual reality, and I’d like to dip my toes into augmented reality too.

Reflection Continued

My Projects This Semester

This semester pushed me further than I’ve ever gone before. Take a look at the projects that helped me progress as a developer. Click the thumbnails to be taken directly to the project pages.

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